Lightbringer Synopsis

You might have read the last two posts and wondered, “what the heck is Lightbringer?”

Here you go :)

Lightbringer is a story of a world where everyone burns with the light of the Eternal Flame. However, some of the people become convinced that they burn brighter than the rest, and abandon their kingdom to prove it. At the edge of the known world, they meet the Stranger who takes them far underground to his kingdom, where their light will burn bright in the darkness. As they live apart from the light of the world above, their light begins to fade until it goes out completely.

All seems hopeless.

Until the young prince from the kingdom of light, Prince Lambent, journeys to find them and bring them home. With his father’s staff, Lightbringer, he will journey down into the darkness, confront the Stranger, and bring his people back into the light.

In the next post, we’ll dive into the not-so-fabulous (but oh-so-crucial) prep work you need to do before you even start drafting the story burning inside you.